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We share knowledge.

Through blogs, case studies or our own publications as well as our "Skill Share" project, knowledge should flow from research into practice, from everyday organizational life to the researchers, from NPO to NPO, from us to you and, last but not least, from you to us. 


Here you will find selected publications by us. If shared publicly by our clients, we make our work results freely available on this page. 

Currently the publications are only available in German. 

Practice publications


Scientific publications

An introduction to causal link monitoring (German) 

Eine Weiterentwicklung der klassischen Wirkungsmessung mit einem Fokus auf lernende Organisationen.

"What Companies can learn from Nonprofits" (English)

Input from Sophie Hersberger-Langloh at TEDxTUBerlin in September 2021 on the relationship between business and NPO.


Are you looking for a good template of grant regulations? Or do you want to know how other executive directors manage the relationship with their board or foundation council? Would you like to exchange more ideas with like-minded people and benefit from their knowledge? 

Although extremely helpful, exchange and cooperation between nonprofit actors do not take place much in real terms. With the Skill Share project, an initiative of the Center for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS) and Con·Sense, we promote informal exchange and mutual support among nonprofits and grant-making organizations. 


We coordinate local exchange groups among NPOs and foundations. We put the groups together according to the needs of the organization: either local proximity, thematic exchange (e.g. older workers) or exchange on cross-cutting issues such as new work, impact orientation or participation.


Nonprofit and funding organizations have to clarify similar questions again and again, e.g. regarding salary models or regulations. A lot has already been worked out here, the wheel does not have to be reinvented again and again.


We regularly invite to larger meetings, where experiences made, successes and failures, can be discussed more broadly.

Are you interested in the SkillShare project or in participating in a SkillShare group? Then contact Robert Schmuki for further information (>E-Mail).

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