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We share knowledge.

Through blogs, our own publications or our working tools, knowledge should flow from research into practice, from everyday organizational life to the researchers, from NPO to NPO, from us to you and, last but not least, from you to us. 


Here you will find selected analyses from us. If shared publicly by our clients, we make them freely accessible here:


In our work as consultants, we are constantly confronted with the need to develop models and tools with and for organizations that they can use in their work. Whenever possible, we make them freely available for download here.

NPO capital model (in German)
Darstellung Kaptalmodell.1.png


The NPO capital model is a planning approach designed to enable non-profit organizations (NPOs) to analyze their own operations in a structured manner and then to develop a development strategy that does justice to the complex environment of NPOs.

Monitoringtool (in German)
PMON Website.png

While supporting the development of monitoring-evaluation-learning (MEL) systems, we realized that it would be helpful for many NPOs if they could draw on the experience and templates of other NPOs for this work. With the support of the DROSOS FOUNDATION, we have developed a template for a monitoring tool that can be used directly and freely.


An introduction to causal link monitoring (German) 

Eine Weiterentwicklung der klassischen Wirkungsmessung mit einem Fokus auf lernende Organisationen.

"What Companies can learn from Nonprofits" (English)

Input from Sophie Hersberger-Langloh at TEDxTUBerlin in September 2021 on the relationship between business and NPO.

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