Services for NPO, Funders and Businesses.

Strategy planning

With a lot of experience we accompany you through your strategy work and ask the important and right questions. We cannot answer them for you, but we can ensure that your work will continue to make a difference in the future.

Together with the CEPS, we have developed processes to support you in the development of your organizational or grant-making strategy in a goal-oriented way.

In doing so, we always adapt our approach to your needs - at the end of the process, you will have a strategy that is tailored precisely to you. 

It doesn't always have to be an entirely new strategy. We also advise you on strategic tasks such as: 

  • Review of the fiels of action or grant-making portfolio

  • Development of individual funding measures or programs

  • Structural realignment

  • (Re)Positionining

  • Transformation projects

New: Positioning workshop for cultural organizations

Agile working

Organizations have to adapt quickly to new social conditions. Self-organized and team-based forms of organization are of central importance here.

We support you from static organizational charts into the working models of agile working - adapted to your needs and always with the goal of making your organization as a whole more efficient. At the end of the process, your organization will be able to respond not only faster, but also qualitatively better to new challenges. 

We provide you with support in all matters relating to organizational development, such as:  

  • Capacity building and structure building

  • Change processes

  • Establishment of agile working models

  • Definitions of responsibilities and functions

Managing impact

Good impact management is a mandatory prerequisite for your engagement to make an effective and efficient contribution to society. Impact evidence also has a positive effect on motivation in the team and on fundraising success. 

Credible evidence of impact requires a well thought-out impact logic, appropriate indicators, and solid monitoring. 

We would be happy to advise you on setting up your impact management.

Examples of our impact-focused services include:

  • Environment, demand and stakeholder analyses as a basis for the impact logic

  • Process support for the definition of the vision, mission and impact goal

  • Support for the development of impact measurement

  • External evaluations

  • Development of new, impact-oriented programs or services

Scaling up

Growth is one of the most difficult tasks in the development of a nonprofit organization. If an offer is successful, one would like it to benefit as many people as possible.
But this is not so easy, because the tasks and the costs multiply. How can a single organization cope with this?


Growth means working on the continued development of the organization at very different levels at the same time. This is where we come in, coordinate the different levels of work, and show you which path you can take.

This scaling up support includes, for example:

  • Joint analysis of the environment and potential

  • Identification of new financing models

  • Participative involvement of employees, volunteers, and management in the process

  • Developing a positioning strategy for public recognition

Other services

We get involved in everything that reads philanthropy and community engagement.

Examples of other services include: 

  • Mandates: As a quick solution in crises or as a longer-term measure, we take over the business and program management or the external leadership in change processes for you. As an independent expert, we are involved in the funding committee of your foundation board.

  • Hosting: We moderate and organize events and workshops. As process managers, we ensure that your events are not only professional, but also fun and leave a mark. In order to be able to draw on competent speakers, we use our broad network and that of the CEPS.

  • Succession planning for foundation board / board: We help you with succession planning for your foundation board or board. Use our national network for your search for new foundation councilors or board members.

  • Fundraising: We support you in setting up an up-to-date fundraising strategy and offer workshops where your employees learn what they need to pay attention to when writing applications. 

  • In-house training: Would you like to introduce members of your organization to a topic such as impact orientation, agile working, or the art of writing good applications? We put together such tailor-made training courses for you and teach the material in half-day to full-day workshops. >More

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have not yet found a suitable service for your request. We will be happy to help you.

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