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Professional workshops
for your organization.

We offer tailor-made and compact professional workshops to nonprofit organizations, funding organizations, associations, companies and government agencies. We take into account the size, the field of activity and the needs of your organization. As experienced lecturers, we teach practice-relevant specialist knowledge and apply what we have learned with you to a specific project or situation in your organization. 

We offer two formats: A small workshop, which lasts half a day and focuses on imparting knowledge and discussing questions about it. In the "large" workshop, an additional half day is scheduled after two weeks. The split format allows for concrete application of what has been learned to one's own organization during the intermediate phase. On the second half day, the focus is then on evaluating these tasks and deepening the knowledge. 

The workshop prices do not include VAT and are generally valid for a maximum of 10 people.

Place and time will be determined together.

The workshops can be held in German, English or French. 

Small workshop / Half-day, 1'900.- CHF


  • New funding approaches

  • Choice of appropriate funding instruments

  • Tools for developing an impact-oriented funding strategy


  • In-depth knowledge of different funding approaches

  • Practical inputs for your own grant-making activities

Large workshop / Two half-days, 4'200.- CHF

Additional topics

  • Content and implementation of a grant-making strategy

  • Discussion of the funding strategy outlined during the self-study


  • Outline of an impact-oriented funding strategy tailored to your organization, incl. consulting by experts

  • Longer-term more impact due to concentration of funds, more visibility and legitimacy

Small workshop / Half-day, 1'900.- CHF


  • Motives for impact measurement

  • Basics of the I-O-O-I model

  • Types and goals of monitoring and evaluation

  • Examples of monitoring systems


  • Basic knowledge about impact management

  • Impulses for your own impact measurement

  • Overview of the purpose and goal of monitoring

Large workshop / Two half-days, 4'200.- CHF

Additional topics

  • Development and discussion of impact targets and possible measurement methods


  • An outline of an impact logic tailored to the organization, including impact targets and indicators

  • A plan for the next steps in the implementation of a monitoring system

Effective grant-making

Monitoring & evaluation

Small workshop / One-day, 3'800.- CHF


  • Agile forms of work

  • Agile project management

  • Collegial leadership

  • Agile organizations

  • Agile organizational culture


  • Basic knowledge of agile working

  • Knowledge about agile project management

  • Training day with fun and games

Large workshop / Two days, 6'900.- CHF

Additional topics

  • On a second course day, the acquired knowledge can be directly implemented and worked on using the example of one's own organization. 


  • Put knowledge of agile working into practice  

  • Development of a concrete idea/procedure for own agile transformation    

Small workshop / Half-day, 1900.- CHF


  • Introduction to the Swiss funding environment

  • Finding and classifying funders

  • Contact strategies

  • Elements of a grant application

  • The importance of budgets


  • The participants know how to find funders and approach them depending on the type of funder

  • The participants know what a convincing application contains

Large workshop / Two half-days, 4200.- CHF

Additional topics

  • Development of the own funding mix 

  • Funder-adapted approaches

  • Upgrading strategies


  • Foundations for long-term, successful fundraising

  • Own fundraising strategy has been evaluated and analyzed

  • The next necessary steps have been defined

Agile working

Successful fundraising

Workshop / Half-day, 2'100.- CHF


  • Self-conception as NPO

  • Management instruments

  • Structure of a foundation board / board

  • The chairmanship

  • Cooperation with the management


  • Clarified distribution of roles and tasks

  • More efficient meetings

  • Areas for development are identified, measures for improvement developed

This workshop is only conducted in this form. Your board or foundation board members complete a questionnaire in advance, the evaluation of which forms the basis of the workshop.


Board and foundation board work


Workshop / Two half-days, 4'200.- CHF

Corona has hit cultural organizations particularly hard. Cantons and the federal government promote repositioning of such organizations*. We support you in a split workshop to start this transformation process and to develop a course of action. 


  • Environment and demand assessment

  • Vision, mission and impact goals

  • Target group oriented activities

  • Funding strategies


  • Development areas are identified

  • Strengths, potentials, and risks are recognized

  • Development of the next steps

*Until November 30, 2021, cultural organizations can apply to the cantons for financial aid for transformation projects that focus on structural realignment or audience acquisition. (>Cf. Message of the Federal Office of Culture)

Positioning workshop for organizations in the cultural sector

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